Your home is your refuge, your space to share memories and to live comfortably.

We understand that security, location, size and timing are essential factors in residential property, while interiors, outdoor space, light and accessibility all make up a home with heart. 

We also believe that buying property and moving should be a good experience, and our purpose is to find your perfect home without stress or doubt. 

Sam Harwood Property started out of a passion for working with people and successfully matching properties and personalities. The purpose is to form a relationship with clients and fulfil the home buying and selling process from start to finish, with heart. 

The company is registered with The Real Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) and has links with legal and financial industry partners, as well as solid relationships with banks, valuators and service providers. 

We operate in Durban, with offices based in Florida Road, Morningside.

“Trust is the foundation of our business, between home buyers and agents, as well as professional institutions, colleagues and friends”