What's New On Florida Road?

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What's New On Florida Road?

Restaurants, business and good vibes. 

Aside from fabulous Christmas lighting, there are some wonderful new additions to the buzzing Florida Road, where we're really happy to have our Sam Harwood Property office located - at the Hacienda.  

While we go about selling and marketing real estate upstairs, things are roasting downstairs. A warm welcome to HQ, a coffee spot which is located next to the Barber Shop, also based in the Hacienda, road side. Inside, in the court yard area, a new restaurant called Times Square will open. An American style diner with beautifully done interiors, from what we can see already. 

A little further down the street, on the corner of Lambert and Florida Road, a new Lupa Restaurant is close to opening it's doors for some added Italian flair on the strip. 

There's been a lot of action toward the lower end of Florida, with Tommy Sushi opening up next to Mama's and Falafel Fundi joining City Roast and opening alongside them. Across from this "high street" food zone, is Dukkah, an Egyptian inspired restaurant with eye catching signage and open air eating spaces at the back. 

We love all these new additions and can't wait to work our way through the deliciousness.

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