The Name is Bond. BetterBond.

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Just ten seconds on the BetterBond website gives you the impression that you’re in good hands. They’re geared to assist the buyer, offer professional advice and work the numbers instantly to determine what your options are. 

It can be very intimidating buying a property, especially for the first time, which is why we at Sam Harwood Property partner up with the best in the business to offer a helping hand right from the start. 

“When our clients find the home they love, it’s essential that we take confusion and uncertainty out of the equation. Our honest approach is to ensure that buying and selling a home goes as smoothly as possible for everyone involved, from the very beginning. Working with Betterbond to secure home loans quickly, makes all the difference to this process.” said Sam Harwood.  

“We recently found the perfect home for one of our clients on the Berea. From the moment the offer was submitted, it took only 30 hours for the agreement to be accepted, the loan approved and the sale finalised. Our client could not have been happier.”

The bottom line for our real estate agency is customer service. It’s the core of our business philosophy to ensure transparent and efficient transactions, in the most effortless and enjoyable way possible. By maintaining excellent relationships with suppliers, financial institutions and bond originators, we are able to work closely and enjoy the whole process, instead of it being onerous. Naturally this translates through to our clients experience, evident in the feedback we receive.

Betterbond helps clients through the entire home loan process by applying to all major banks, including your own bank. This increases the chances of a successful approval at the best interest rate. Their service is also free for the purchaser. 

Author: Robyn Renzow

Submitted 17 Jul 18 / Views 552