Getting to know Richard Shorey

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Richard's first job was at Umhlanga Rocks beach as a lifeguard. His creative side started seeping in as he felt uncomfortable with being shirtless on the beach all day!. So he started experimenting with photography and eventually worked for the Natal Mercury and the Sunday Tribune as a picture editor. Richard became a very well known photo journalist and worked on many exclusive stories like the Tsunami's in Asia and Mount Everest Exhibitions. Richard also climbed to base camp at Mount Everest.

Richard started working offshore in Australia and Asia as an ROV Pilot but "the oil market collapsed 3 years ago I decided to end the hard offshore life and become an Estate Agent" says Richard. Richard is a master of very technically skilled work, videographer, pilot, drone pilot and an ROV pilot which involves remote controlling a submersible vehicle underwater, Richard is our tech-wizard. Having a private and CAA drone pilot license, Richard will always consider himself a pilot , " Flying is close to my heart and a special place for my beautiful daughter Rachael."
A man of many skills, Richard has found a love for Real Estate "I love the relaxed happy people and vibe at Sam Harwood Property. Sam is always helpful and willing to teach and is a hands on mentor."

"Richard has an amazing way with people and when he came in for his interview I knew instantly he was the right person for Sam Harwood Property, his honest approach with people, enormous work ethic is all that the company represents" says Sam.

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