Getting to know Mally Roselt

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Living in Durban from 1975 Mally moved around working various different jobs. A true Durbanite, he loves his city and the memories made in it. "Durban is the most beautiful city in the world!" The memories and friendships made in a home is what Mally holds close to his heart.

He describes himself as empathetic and a good listener "I would most probably have been a counsellor" if had not chosen real estate. For years Mally and his wife ran a home cell for their church in their home. They always had a lot of young people, sometimes up to 80 on a night. Serving and helping people has always been a part his life.

He never really found his passion with other jobs in the past so he decided to write his EAAB exam and become a real estate agent.

The joy of buying a new home is why Mally decided to become a real estate agent. "Helping people find their home was pure joy and I took to it like a duck to water"

Working at Sam Harwood Property, Mally has found a job that fits his personality. "Our ethos is selling homes with heart. It feels like I have found my tribe with values and very caring people. I can truly say that I am awed by the people that Sam has chosen to be on her team"

To inspire but not compete really goes a far way to a healthy office vibe. It's good to be able to trust."

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