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"I was born in Addington Hospital in 1978 but one could say I was rather born on the beach".

My earliest and sunniest memories are of Durban's Golden Mile, after which we moved to the Natal South Coast where I attended a small German Farm School, Izotsha in Gamalakhe. Many more years of sun and surf followed before I returned to Durban as a border at Durban High School.

My first real passion was food. At 16 I worked at Humperdinks, cooking pizzas on Windemere Road as the wood oven chef. Later I worked at The Famous Fish Company in Kings Battery on the Point Waterfront at a huge 400 seater seafood restaurant.

At some point during this time I was introduced to the life of music and entertainment and this started my lifelong interest in sound-systems, parties and the house music industry. My passion for the night scene and working at clubs swiftly ended in 1999.

Next I went to London, which provided me with all the food and the music industry experiences. I had the opportunity to work in some of London's finest venues in the capacity of General Manager. Mike Jordan, Mick Jagger, Christina Aguilera, Damien Hirst and Oasis are just some of the stars I have had the privilege of taking care of. I also went to Glastonbury 6 times! Say no more....and travelled all over Europe, America, Mexico and all sorts of other places.

I returned to SA in 2012 and after another 6 years in the food industry (the last place I opened was Mythos Umhlanga). I decided to open my sound hire business, which provides professional sound and lighting for all types of events. Although I have now stopped working in restaurants and venues, I still cater for some events and private functions. The good news as a normal citizen I get to cook every day!

I love Durban and its history. This fascination has made me want to be involved in property so I can explore Durban and step into the shoes of its residents.

"Meeting Sam Harwood is like a deep breath of pure oxygen that makes your hair stand up and sends you home with homework - she's really inspirational. Her greatest quality is the way she perceives each human and her compassion for each individual. This must be why she is so successful at matching people with homes as well as building a solid team of motivated agents." - written by JP Dutreuilh, edited by L Harwood.

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