Getting To Know Gina Felemengas

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Getting to know Gina Felemengas

We know a lot of people out there are busy these days, but it's quite incredible what feisty property professional, Gina Felemengas fits into a week.

If she's not hard at work matching homes and owners, she's counselling young women or working with special needs children.

This stems from Gina's genuine motivation to help people in life. For her, being a real estate agent means she gets to help those who need to grow, buy their first home, downsize or make a change.

"One of my best feelings is seeing a person happy with their new home", says Gina.

Naturally, if Gina hadn't found her specialty in real estate, she would be a full time addictions counsellor or focus on equine rehabilitation therapy for special needs kids.

"Equine therapy helps develop muscle tone, balance, motor skills, focus and coordination in a comforting and fun way," she explains.

Animals are a great source of inspiration for Gina, with her dogs being closest to her heart. (Well almost..) We really think her colleagues at Sam Harwood Property are top of the list!

As a free spirited, people-orientated woman, Gina continues to thrive in a work environment that allows her to be herself, to contribute to the community the way she does and to focus on real relationships, with real people, in all of life's circumstances.

Thank you Gina for all you do.

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